Marissa Ewing-Gerrard is a garden design and planting enthusiast, having always held a passion for interior and garden design and a great love for nature and being outdoors.


A long and successful career in Marketing and Client Relationship with FMCG and Finance companies, means that she is very in tune with understanding and interpreting the needs and requirements of a client. One of the most exciting and enjoyable stages of designing a new garden for a client is that initial phase of getting to know what will be be important for the garden; what will its function and purpose be, how will it be used, what kind of mood or atmosphere will be created. Being able to visualise this for the client and bring that brief to life is a strength for Marissa, given it has featured so heavily in her career to date.

The chance to move from the corporate to setting up a new business came in 2013. In 2014, Marissa Ewing-Gerrard was awarded a Distinction in Horticultural Garden Design and has also successfully obtained RHS qualifications in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture.

In her spare time the love of gardening transcends through to Marissa’s own outdoor space and she loves to show her garden as part of an open garden scheme, as well of being fond propagating plants and vegetables.

Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design

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