Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design offers the client a range of garden design services, which can span from a complete garden make-over and re-design, to border and planting rejuvenation, tailored to the needs of the client.


Initial Meet & Client Consultation

The journey to a stunning garden will begin with a client consultation, to ascertain how the garden will be used and what key attributes it should have. It will also provide the opportunity for Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design to share examples of previous work and discuss the design process and working together.

Site Survey & Evaluation

A full evaluation of the existing space will be completed, so that a site plan can be drawn up and concept plans can be worked up. The particulars of the site are assessed, to ensure that successful future planting and optimal siting of seating areas and other features are taken into account.

Concept Plans

Concept plans and ideas will be drawn up and presented back to the client, along with images relating to potential materials and planting to feature in the garden. These will aid the discussion about how a stunning end design will be achieved. Valuable feedback will be captured from yourself as the client and incorporated into the final master plan.


Final Design

The master plan is a visual culmination of the creative process in designing a garden. The final design will illustrate in colour how the garden will be transformed, following the requirements from that initial brief and client consultation and building on the concept plans. The final plan will detail the specific hard landscaping materials to be used and include specifications relating to any structures and specimen planting, so that it can be easily understood and used for pricing by a landscaper.

Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design can also support with suggesting experienced landscaping companies to provide pricing for the build and execution of the design.

Planting Design

For some clients it may be that recommendation and advice for detailed planting is a service required from Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design. Specific planting plans can be created to ensure borders are bold, balanced and eye-catching all year round.

Working with garden nurseries to supply a variety of high quality plants is important for Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design and so in addition to planting design, the sourcing and planting up of plants are services available to the client.

After Care

Ewing-Gerrard Garden Design also offers consultant services to support the care and maintenance of your garden for the future, to ensure it continues to be loved and brings enjoyment.

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